Simmering a pot full of love


“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” -Virginia Woolf

“Love is the zenith of happiness”

Happiness is something, that comes from little things that hold so much importance in our lives, well to some people diamonds are their ultimate happiness, it does differ, majorly, at times, but in the end all that matters are, we are happy and those smiles together join to form love, a term not to detached with happiness. To me, happiness means a lot of things, seeing my brother smile when I slip him 10 bucks while my father is looking away so that he can buy himself a lunch instead of the same old food packed by mom, waking up to the love-of-my-life’s voice on that much awaited morning, the positive vibes from a beaming street child who’s just got three pennies more than he expected, watching my friend jumping with joy when the guy she’s been crushing on since ages ask her out, capturing a beautiful image that speak beyond a 1000 words, rushing upto my mails and finding that the book I have been waiting for has arrived, scribbling wishful thinking on pages-diaries-blogs, cooking a grand meal for everyone and last but not the least, finishing my day with a bowl of ice-cream. Which are also the things that I absolutely love. Happiness does bring love and love in turn keeps and happy going.

Sometimes, I think, when I get married, if ever I have an affair, that would be with food. That explains why my recipes are posted in the “romance” category. Nothing gives me more joy and running around the kitchen, brimming with ideas ready to burst out in the form of beauty I create with simple raw materials. What else, would keep me happy yet still in love, when my husband would be busy signing that crazy deal off, friends rushing to maintain their own households, children off to school, family and relatives planning the next crazy get together. That’s when the stocked up fridge will come to my rescue, supply me with the highly recommended solace I have been seeking. That’s true love, that’s returned instead of being accepted and forgotten.

Love truly comes in various forms, it is for us to celebrate them in small little ways. Dieticians who would probably want to kill me, will explain you how you should only “eat to live and not live to eat” but, what is such a life? Where you probably eat just to live a couple of days longer and miss out on all the fun, braising your gums, chewing mouthful of sprouts and beans, which has far better ways of getting into your uptight little stomachs! I too would love to lose a ton or two, but never at the cost of losing my love, that’s not a way of living, that’s simply is a way of nearing hell.

So, what I tried to convey was not really my selfless declaration of love but the fact that each one should love what they love, truly, it can be a simple material like your laptop, a plant, that wonderful man/woman, the cute doggie who wags his tails and lathers you with sloppy tongue licks just because you rubbed your hand a minute on his furry little head without expecting anything more. Give your loved ones/ things all that they deserve, your time, energy, affection, care. Make sure they are never neglected. Love them like nobody else can. For life is too short…..

This is how I deter from topics of happiness to love 😛

(come to think of it, this blog does not really make too much sense, but those are just the things I have been feeling for a while now! )


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