Since mommy’s out, Ron’s and mine experiments are turning out to be better than usual! and while we both are having happy meals we figured out our favorites too! 



This one’s our latest babe, we put it on everything we feel like! I am trying and cutting my consumption of this because as it is losing weight is too difficult for me, plus Hershey’s only aggravate the cause. But we both cannot let go of our morning breakfasts with it! 


Cornflakes and milk thrown in with bananas and Hershey’s yummmmm!!!! slrrruppp!

and well, our favorite dessert right now!


butter muffins with our favorite chocolate sauce! can never get enough of those!!!

Also when it comes to munchkins, this week’s favorite was our salami club sandwich, super easy to make and super amazing to eat!


Method: simple: slices of salami, grilled, green pepper thinly sliced and grilled, a slice of cheese and freshly cut tomato between two pieces of toasted bread! easy-on-the-go-food-which-keeps-you-full-too! 😉

Also today was quite a feast! we had spaghetti and meat balls for lunch with salad! so you see our days are going quite smooth and that explains why I cannot lose weight, I need to intensify my workouts more, but hey this post’s on our food love!


It was pretty easy to make, got ready made chicken-meat balls, made a gravy out of it and threw in some noodles. I will post the recipe sometime else! and accompanied by a salad (sadly this tasted better than the pasta!)


Simply threw in some veggies (cabbage, green pepper, carrots and a shallot) a tsp of vinegar, salt and pepper! YES, its that simple, reason enough to eat salad more often ! 😉

That’s pretty much all for now, more food coming up soon!!! 



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