The joyride hillstation- Darjeeling!

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Through Stories

I am a girl from the hills and that makes me proud of the heritage I carry around. Born between cultural diversities ranging from Bengalis, Nepalis, Tibetans and underlying British roots that the air in Darjeeling carries, it all just adds up to the person I am today, us people from the hills we can adjust in hustle bustle and yet appreciate every bit of our quite times with close people whom we love and cherish and carry in our lives throughout.



I will not go about describing the history my quaint town, Darjeeling, but the place was built by the British as one of their summer retreats, infamous for tea plantations, steamed dimsums, lovely people and dotted with tourists all around the year, the place never fails to charm me during my every visit.

The nearest airport to this place is Bagdogra, which is around 2 and a…

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