Breaking Free

For a long long time in my life, my weight completely held me down. I was conscious about the way I looked, felt, ate and behaved in social situations. There came a time when I was so bogged down by the insensitive comments of completely random strangers that I avoided going out altogether. Talking to another person gave me anxiety attacks knowing that their first comment wont be about ME but a gasp about how much weight I have put on.

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I was a normal healthy teenager, loving life and being a social butterfly when this rude comments and funny remarks about my body started and it was while I wasn’t even “fat”. When I was in grade 9, it gave me aneroxia and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat anything for days and became anemic in the process. That’s when my mother called an intervention and thankfully, I got out of the disease before it got serious.

Fast forward to my college days- a shitty breakup later, I found myself again in the vicious cycle of eating disorder and before I knew it, I was binge eating through my depression until I gained about 20 kilos and it started harming my health.

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At the mere age of 24, I got diagnosed with diabetes had crazy triglyceride levels and was emotionally and physically drained of all this. I love food, for God’s sake, I am a food writer but I knew I had to do something about my life.

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Today in just a short span of 4 months, I have turned my life around. I not only eat better but look and feel better too. And guess what? I have defeated diabetes! So through the next series I will talk about my life and lifestyle changes through fashion posts and food posts and hoping to have you all by my side through it!

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This shoot, is a huge step in my life. I never thought I would be comfortable putting up slightly exposing pictures of myself for everyone to gawk at and I am so comfortable doing so at this point of my life.





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