Debunking myths related to Astrology

There has been a lot of speculations about the authenticity of horoscope reading over the years. And the fact that there are so many “astrologers” out there who make money simply by inducing fear into the minds of their clients, hasn’t helped much either.

I have been a massive hater of astrology for way too many years, but I was also secretly reading through all the predictions made by every astrologer my family visited. After a point of time, it was seriously frustrating because different people were giving different answers and nobody could explain things I needed to know!

I set my foot down and decided to see it for myself if there was any truth to this ancient science as people claim to be. Needless to say, I was amazed! Every minuscule detail about my life was so accurate and I clearly understood why certain things were happening the way they were. Astrology is a lifelong learning and I will nowhere be close to mastering the study completely, but that is also the beauty of it.

However, I know enough to be able to dismiss a few myths related to it!

  1. Astrology is all about GEMSTONES– Everytime I see a person wearing stones on their hand, I can’t help but secretly judge their problems a bit and laugh a little in my head. I have been practising Astrology for close to a year now and never once have I asked anyone to wear a stone. My only exceptions being Mangliks! (And I will write a post in future to explain why)
  2. Astrologers can “predict” the future– This is another cringeworthy one. NO astrologer has the capacity to PREDICT things. Astrology is a lot like maths and thorough calculations can only tell you problems lying in the future and if they are adept enough- give you certain ways to avert it. But if someone is saying, “you will marry a certain someone on the 10th of july of 2025”, they are clearly playing with your mind and setting you to do the same, subconsciously.
  3. You go to an astrologer only when you need to get Kundlis matched– An astrologer is like a guide and mentor in your life. It is best for you to not change your astrologer too often. IF you have found someone who you can trust and have been pretty accurate with your life and gives you the right solutions without extracting huge amounts of money from you- then I cannot stress on this fact enough- TRUST them. It’s the same like having a family doctor you run to with all your problems. Kundli matching is simply an aspect of astrology and not a very ethical one either.
  4. All Astrologers are CON artists– NO. NO and NO! Astrology is a very deep rooted science. If you think astronomy is true and believe in planets outside space then there is no reason to not believe Astrology. Every planet has a power that influences a lot in our lives. The whole universe is one giant source of energy and there is no denying that. And astrology helps in understand that very energy. Amazing isn’t it?
  5. Astrologers are expensive! Well, sometimes that is true. But think of ┬áit like investing on a life coach. A good astrologer won’t be after your money. They will guide you to the right remedies in life and push you to the right things to attract the right kind of energy. But only the good ones! Don’t trust your money with just about any saint/ pandit you meet.

Well, that is all for now. If I can think of some more points to add, I will definitely write another post in future.

And like I always say- Astrology isn’t prediction but guidance.


– Mohana


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