Accepting SadeSati and the bigger reality

The word- Sadesati– is enough to send chills down the spine of many Indians and others who believe in astrology. We have been warned and scared by many astrologers time and again about this dreaded word without actually knowing or understanding what it is.

Sadesati is simply a 7 and a half year cycle of Saturn’s transit over your natal moon. Which means if you belong to Libra moon (tula rasi), this period begins when Saturn is transiting through your 6th house and ends when it moves out of your 8th house. Today people with Libra moon finally ended this dreaded cycle and now people with Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are bearing the brunt of it. Well, only Scorpio and Saggitarius is facing its wrath.

What happens during Sadesati?

Humans are really easy to scare and astrologers make a living out of doing so. We don’t really understand what this word means by we are quick to indulge in worthless remedies, wear stones and carry yantras that serve zero purposes.

These 7 and a half years of our lives are nothing but a cycle of reconstruction and destruction in our lives. This is when we are forced to tear off from our ego and if we are careful and understand what life is trying to teach us, these turn out to be the best and most formative years of our life.

There is always a pattern that life follow during these years. You will often find yourself stuck in similar situations, running through the same web, falling in the same kind of shit, meeting similar kind of people, finding it extremely difficult to end tasks or follow a path that you really want to.

This is when you need to sit down and think. Think where it is that you are going wrong. Are you chasing things that may hold no value in future? Are you surrounding yourself with people that are clearly bad for you? Are you falling into a bottomless pit because of your ego and arrogance? Introspect and once you do, you will begin to open your heart to the universe and its teachings. This 7 and a half years of your life is when you truly understand yourself, your potential, your purpose and let go of things that aren’t important for you.

Every one of us will go through this dreaded cycle at least twice in our lives and we learn different lessons depending on the circumstances. If you are lucky/ unlucky, you will find yourself in the third instalment of sadesati in your life. But honestly, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of about it. Besides, sadesati isn’t actually bad for its friendly signs like Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Taurus and Gemini. And if you don’t resist what Saturn is trying to teach you, sadesati isn’t bad for any sign at all.

My tryst with Sadesati. 

Before sadesati, I was a completely different person. Straight A’s student, ambitious, over-achiever and ruthless. I didn’t care about anyone else but myself and I would do anything to achieve anything I wanted. Thankfully, the cycle didn’t set in before finishing my 12th board exams.

I went to college and after the first couple of months began what would be the worse few years of my life or so I thought….

Growing up I dated a lot of guys. Sometimes for a couple of days, sometimes for a week and sometimes, if I didn’t have anything else interesting- they lasted for a few months before I ended up dumping them for some silly reason. I was never in love.

And then I met this guy. Perfect. Handsome. Doting. Everything that a college girl needs. I was smitten. He was an arm candy, the best companion and together we traversed around the city all day every day. As a result, my attendance dropped, my friends from college started drifting away, my focus shifted from studies to becoming the perfect girlfriend and I lost the best part of myself- my ambition.

Soon the eclipse began to clear and that opened my eyes to things that I kept giving a blind eye to. The guy was dating was manipulative, he was a compulsive liar and he was absolutely obsessive. He was also dating and sleeping with other women and I was forbidden from hanging around girls or guys and give all my attention to him.

7 months later, when he was done with the relationship, he dumped me and I found myself sinking into the black hole of depression. That was also when I started piling on the pounds as food became my only refuge.

Desperate to evade the situation, I moved cities and started chasing a dream that I thought I was passionate about. But here is the thing about sadesati, it won’t let you stick to anything that it doesn’t think is right for you. And although I left the city, depression tailed me to Bombay.

I quit the course soon after. Moved back to Delhi.

I met guy 2. Guy 2 was everything guy 1 wasn’t and that was reassuring! But again it was a brilliant friendship but an empty companionship. The euphoria of a new relationship died and depression set in again. I began eating my way through it and soon was dumped once again because we both felt that we weren’t right for each other. We stayed friends though.

That year professionally was the best year of my life. I followed my passion, quit college and was doing wonderfully as a food blogger. But loneliness wouldn’t leave me alone and I started getting panic attacks after I fell victim to a couple of bag-snatchers in Delhi. I couldn’t handle things anymore and packed my stuff to head home.

Soon after, I began talking to a guy I had known for a while and well, I met guy 3.

This was the most intense relationship of my life and it taught me so sooooo many things about myself that I didn’t know. This guy 3 was in some way a miniature version of guy 1 and in other ways a crazier version of guy 1. I was in sheer trouble.

The relationship was emotionally abusive and draining and had I not been in sadesati, maybe we would have eventually married each other but the fact that nothing that isn’t meant to last- moves past sadesati and thus, I was saved.

So what I am trying to say here is, if you look at it, my life was following a pattern that I wasn’t ready to look into. Had I known about astrology then, I would have broken the pattern and that would have been the most freeing thing that I could have done for myself. But I was meant to go through all of that to understand myself better and understand what I am looking for from a partner and now I can quite confidently say that I can smell trouble from a distance.

Now for people with Libra moon, the lessons are almost always related to love/ marriage since the inherent tendency of these people is to look for companions, they tend to derive most of their identity from the person they are with and that is nothing to ashamed about. It is completely okay to want to seek partnership.

But people with other moon signs- the troubles and problems may be different. For example, Scorpios may face health issues and sudden problems, Sagittarius may have troubles in higher education, marriage; Capricorns are almost always blessed during sadesati but if not careful they may face certain problems in their office and work life.

So you see, the trouble depends on which house your moon sits in and learn to understand the pattern you keep repeating. The best way to evade any problem related to sadesati is to be extremely disciplined, grounded in your approach, fair and get rid of karmic debts.

I hope that answered a lot of your questions and misconceptions related to this term and the planet. No other remedy apart from honouring Saturn works during this phase of your life so drop those blue sapphires and amethysts that you are wearing, instead devote yourselves to understanding your true self and your purpose in life.


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